NVIDIA is developing a new generation of switchable graphics

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leaders NVIDIA some time ago already confirmed that the company is working on switchable graphics next generation. NVIDIA first attempt to create a similar solution (Hybrid-SLI) was considered not too successful, but in the next generation for sure there will be new, better opportunities. Thus, the new NVIDIA switchable graphics may appear in many laptops.

The leading notebook manufacturers like ASUS, Acer, Dell and many others have turned to Intel's insistent request to use 40 nm video chip NVIDIA in samples of design. Expected emergence of a large number of decisions based on the new mobile platform Calpella and graphics NVIDIA.

Moreover, future mobile processors Intel Arrandale, made by rules of 32 nm process technology and are equipped with integrated video core, may become very popular among notebook manufacturers because of its low TDP. Thus, switchable graphics NVIDIA's next generation may be a good complement to these chips. Add that the main competitor to NVIDIA ATI has not yet released its 40 nm mobile GPU, created based on RV740 GPU and supports DirectX 11.