NVIDIA still release its processor x86

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Broadpoint AmTech analyst Doug Friedman (Doug Freedman) again revived the extinct were rumors that NVIDIA is preparing its own processor architecture x86. Regular information about the possibility of similar works have appeared in the beginning of this year, but in June of NVIDIA said that is not going to soon go on the market.

According to Friedman, NVIDIA very actively recruited into its ranks former members of the firm Transmeta, is especially useful in the development of chips. Their knowledge and experience are used to accelerate work on one or more unidentified products. Perhaps, the graphics giant did not even have to use the conversion code, such been applied Transmeta, since many of the original patents for the x86 architecture no longer in force.

As NVIDIA has repeatedly hinted that would not be against the use of the x86 architecture in its future decisions of the type "system on a chip", but do not associate themselves with any schedules or plans. Recall in the processor Tegra, successfully running, for example, in the media player, Zune HD, using the architecture ARM. However this chip is not compatible with most versions of Windows and Linux. In addition, its own processors for the x86 architecture could help the NVIDIA in the development and promotion of its integrated graphics.