Panasonic MW-10: sharing multimedia audio system with photo frames and a docking station for iPod

Friday, November 13, 2009

The North American division of Panasonic has announced the commencement of sales from next month priced at $ 299.95, a new multimedia device MW-10, is a compact audio system with built-in digital photo frames and the presence of a docking station for players iPod.

This device has a built-in CD-player, FM / AM-tuner with memory for 45 channels, audiokolonki slot for SD memory cards, USB port, the ability to play audio and video formats, as well as control via remote control the player iPod.

In addition, MW-10 can be used as a digital photo frame, thanks to 9-inch LCD display, which can display not only photos (while listening to music) and video, but also serve as a desktop clock, calendar or as the screen control the connected iPod.


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