Released: Opera Mobile 10 beta browser for Symbian

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The company Opera Software announced the release of beta version of the browser Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia smartphones and other mobile devices running on the platform Symbian/S60. The most notable innovation Opera Mobile 10 beta, from the words of its creators, is an interface, first introduced in the Opera Mini browser 5 beta. Now users of Opera Mobile is available Express Quick access to your favorite Web sites, work with tabs and Password Manager.

Opera Mobile 10 beta is optimized to work with communicators, equipped with both touch screens and keyboards. Download the beta version of Opera Mobile 10 is available here.

As the company claims, one of the most important priorities in the development of Opera Mobile 10 beta was browsing speed. The current version for Symbian/S60 works twice as fast as the previous one. Changes in the growth rate touched when loading Web pages, scaling and cropping. The browser also supports Opera Turbo, capable of compressing the contents of web pages during their transfer to the mobile device. This technology is designed to increase the download speed of content sites and reduce the cost of mobile Internet.

In addition, the mobile phone became available the benefits of desktop browsers like Opera, including tabs, Express-panel and Password Manager, thus simplifying the access to web resources and saving time to download content.

How to assure developers, Opera Mobile 10 is based on a browser kernel of the last generation, which in turn guaranteed to work in a mobile browser for all Web sites and applications as well as in the desktop version of Opera.