RIM develops tachfon-slider BlackBerry and the browser engine to WebKit

Sunday, November 15, 2009

To earlier rumors about the ongoing efforts in the bowels of the company work RIM to establish the new BlackBerry 9900 smartphone and a Web browser based on WebKit engine received a confirmation through analytical article published by an expert firm Kaufman Bros Shaw Wu (Shaw Wu). Citing sources in the industry and among suppliers of components analyst reports that RIM is really developing a smartphone in slider form factor, equipped with touch screen.

It is noted that the device is now in the prototype stage, but its design is something between a smartphone BlackBerry Storm2 (9520) and one of RIM mobile devices without a touchscreen, but with a QWERTY keyboard. Release of tachfona-slider is likely to be held next year. Shaw Wu believes that the issuance of such a device would combine the reputation RIM handset manufacturer with convenient hardware keyboards with modern trends relating to the movement toward touchscreen.

As for the new browser, it is to replace an aging proprietary formulation RIM modern technology based on WebKit engine with support for current HTML standards. By the way, the engine WebKit successfully used in their development, companies such as Apple, Google and Palm. In addition, according to rumors, RIM may even allow the installation of alternative browsers from Google or Microsoft.