RoverComputers opens a new direction - Stereo RoverMate

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RoverComputers company brings to market a series of stereo-branded RoverMate. Product Range headphones RoverMate includes 4 series. Yellow series is represented by a compact and light-ear headphones at an affordable price (recommended retail price - 115 rubles.). They provide a basic level of sound.

Green series are in-ear headphones with enhanced functionality and harmonious sound. Also worth noting removable panel saturated colors in a model HS-710S, and lovers of minimalist design will appreciate the model HS-006MD, whose body is made of unpainted metal.

Blue series is represented by insert earphones with rich, clear and balanced sound for prolonged and comfortable use. Thanks to the improved form of silicon plates they provide protection from external noise and more comfort in the ear canal. For even more convenience when using headphones combined with a strap for carrying the player around the neck.

In crimson series headphones are inserted with an interesting design and a rich range of sound, as well as monitor headphones, which guarantee comfort, enhanced noise insulation, powerful realistic bass and clear treble sound.