Secure USB-drives DataTraveler Locker + from Kingston

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kingston Technology Company today announced a new USB-drive DataTraveler Locker +. The gadget allows you to protect their data by encryption and is designed for use in the corporate sector. In addition, USB-drives DataTraveler Locker + have a low cost.

Data stored on the new USB-drives, securely protected with 256-bit hardware encryption AES. Access to information by using easy-to-use interface based on password protection. After 10 attempts to enter the correct password, the device automatically locks and reformatted.

USB-drives DataTraveler Locker + have a capacity of up to 32 GB. For businesses that need a device with a dedicated area for public access to the data (for example, in one office), Kingston Technology Company offers a USB-storage DataTraveler Locker, which includes an encrypted data storage area and the area with free access. Kingston Technology also provides USB-drives DataTraveler Vault - Privacy Edition, which are suitable for commercial companies and government agencies that require higher speed and reliable USB-drives. These devices have a waterproof design.


Unknown said...

I have to admit that due to my experience, I had to use several flash drives, but now I only stick to one secure USB flash drive that works great .
In the last year there have been a few developments related to antimalware on portable drives (worth another post maybe…).