Stantum Slate PC - the concept of the Tablet PC with resistive multi-touch screen

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Japanese division of the company Stantum demonstrated its latest development - the concept of the Tablet PC Slate PC, equipped with multi-touch display. Moreover, the basis of this device was taken by 10-inch netbook Dell Mini 10, and its management is all about building a touch screen.

Resistive display Stantum Slate PC made by proprietary technology and supports pressed in 10 locations simultaneously. This means that for the control device can use all ten fingers of both hands, as well as a stylus, also supported the touch screen nails, hands in gloves, and even ordinary brush.

Of course, using all ten fingers to touch the computer control may not always be necessary. However Stantum plans to use its multi-touch displays are not only in this planshetnike. After all, they have a size ranging from 2.5 to 30 inches, supported the recognition of gestures and may well find application in cellular phones, media players and netbooks.