Stylish mini home theater system LG RBD154 (K)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Company LG Electronics unveiled a new home theater minisistemu LG RBD154 (K). The sound quality is achieved through sound matrix, VSM, which helps create a virtual sound effects without distortion of the original sound. Feature technology VSM is that it allows the system to 2.0 to play 5.1-channel sound to enhance the sensation of listening.

To create an even better audio mini systems LG RBD154 (K) equipped with an automatic equalizer, which builds a sound option, depending on the type of play music composition. Optimization feature MP3 files to avoid deterioration of sound quality that occurs when converting to MP3 format, restoring the lost data and making it sound realistic.

To create a clear and saturated color mini systems LG RBD154 (K) equipped with a feature Full HD conversion, which improves the quality of the DVD image to HD resolution 1080p through an analysis of what content should take an extra pixels. With Function USB Plus users will be able to reproduce any content, including file formats, like MP3, WMA, DivX, directly from their mobile devices via high-speed USB port. You should also highlight the possibility of a button to create your own MP3-files directly from CD, radio, cassette and immediately save them on external storage devices - USB direct recording.

Model RBD154K will please fans of karaoke: in addition to 4000 karaoke songs, microphone and 2 microphone inputs, it is also equipped with features such as performance assessment in real time and removing vocals. Recommended retail price for the model RBD154 -9 990r, RBD154K - 10 990r.

The main features of models RBD154 (K):

* The total capacity of 150 watts
* The emotional highlight color of sea water, touchpad
* Metal bass speakers
* 5.1-channel sound
* Automatic equalizer
* Optimization of MP3 files
* Inclined dynamics
* Managing TB-sound through a home theater setup
* Easy installation via HDMI (only RBD154K)
* Full HD conversion
* USB plus (photos, audio, video)
* USB recording directly
* Karaoke (only RBD154K): disc karaoke 4000 songs, 2 inputs for microphone, 1 microphone included.