"Two-in-one" A4Tech HSB-100U - headset and 2.1 speaker system

Friday, November 27, 2009

A4Tech presented an interesting product - A4Tech HSB-100U. This is a stereo and computer speakers 2.1 "two-in-one. As promised manufacturer, is a suitable option for communication, computer games and listening to music.

Headphones with microphone on the wire can be used as a standard headset for communication or private listening music. And you can put it on the table surface, a special connector to connect to the subwoofer, to deploy cup headphone speakers to the listener - is ready mini-kit computer acoustic 2.1.

The main control unit goes through the control panel "Multimedia", which are located switch "Headset (Headset) / speaker system (SPK)», on / off button and microphone increase / decrease the volume. In the transition from the headset to the 2.1 speaker system to adjust the angle of installation of the subwoofer by pressing «Push» on the headset. Headset and subwoofer and connected to the control panel "Multimedia" control panel "Multimedia" - to the USB port on your computer.

A4Tech HSB-100U Specifications:

* Speaker diameter - 40 mm headphones
* Frequency Response - Subwoofer 80-300 Hz, satellites 150-20000 Hz, headphones 20-20000 Hz
* Impedance - 32 ohms
* Sensitivity headset - 116 ± 3 dB
* Signal to Noise Ratio - 85 dB
* Connector - USB 2.0
* Microphone Sensitivity -58 ± 2 dB


Unknown said...

A microphone and a speaker in your headphones are the same thing. Only one works well for making sound and the other works well for capturing sound. I have done it before and it does work, though I have not yet determined the exact types or conditions that will make something work for both.


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