VIA Nano 3000 - energy-efficient performance chip for thin notebooks

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

VIA Technologies has announced a new line of energy-efficient VIA Nano processor 3000 Series. The new chips are designed for thin and light notebooks and PCs, all in one "using the operating system Windows 7. VIA Nano processor 3000 supports 64-bit computing and can play high-definition video as 1080p, but their clock frequency is from 1 to 2 GHz, depending on the model. Despite its relatively high productivity, the new chips consume 20 percent less power than existing solutions VIA Nano.

Of the six already submitted a series of processors in VIA Nano 3000, four models have a power consumption in idle mode at 100 milliwatts. And two of the most productive of the chip with clock speeds of 1.8 GHz and 2 GHz, consumes only 500 milliwatts of electricity. This VIA Nano processors are compatible with socket 3000 VIA previous generation, including the platform C7, C7-M and Eden.

Deliveries of the first sample chips VIA Nano 3000 has already started, and the mass production of these interesting decisions to begin in the first quarter of 2010. These processors can compete CULV chips from Intel, as well as chips from AMD in the segment of thin and light notebooks.