Vostro 430 - modern and productive PC from Dell

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dell today announced the completion of his family the Vostro desktop PCs in the body "minibashnya» Vostro 430, designed for small and medium businesses.

Vostro 430 comes with preloaded software, video conferencing, which helps companies to optimize their spending on communication and organization of collective work. New PC supports two displays and the technology of multi-touch; it is optimized for the new operating system Microsoft Windows 7, allowing you to use touch interface functions such as changing the image scale two-finger scrolling, and the method of "touch-drag", which increases productivity and allows for cooperation at a distance using video conferencing (using the optional touch screen and web camera).

Vostro 430 is equipped with the latest processor Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 (optional) and a discrete graphics adapter from NVIDIA or ATI. As the producer, processor Intel Core i5-750 allows customers to save time by performing the calculation of some Excel spreadsheets to five times faster than the old Intel Pentium D processor 960. In addition, the Vostro 430 companies leaves ample scope for further increasing the resources, allowing you to install up to 16 GB of memory SDRAM DDR3 and internal hard drives up to 1 TB each. About the beginning of sales and cost of the recommended Vostro 430 desktop PC to be announced.

The main features of Vostro 430:

* Ability to add additional memory modules, cards PCI / PCIe and hard disks.
* Hard Drives 1 TB creates an expanded internal storage space with a total capacity of up to 2 terabytes.
* Support for two displays, 10 external USB ports and four expansion slots PCI / PCIe for more network, sound or graphics cards.
* Optional Drives Blu-Ray Disk for data recording and playback.
* PS / 2 and serial ports allow the use of older devices.
* Card Reader Dell «19-in-one" (optional).
* IEEE 1394a (optional).


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