Zooomer adds multitouch for HTC HD2

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out now in a week ago communicator HTC HD2 is running OS Windows Mobile 6.5, although a significant part of the NTS software company redesigned, replaced or deleted from the arsenal of its model. Including apparatus was supported input mulititach. But not in full. In the final assembly of this feature is only available in the browser and several other applications. Program Zooomer for the HTC HD2 to correct this "defect".

Annex Zooomer can interact with any executive. Exe file format available on the Windows phone. Basically its function is to add support for multitouch input and the possibility to increase. Of course not all programs can benefit from the introduction of this possibility, but Zooomer can be applied to programs selectively. Also, its potential can be adjusted user settings that allow you to select features of the program involved.

At the same time, it is worth noting that such a program could be established, and Microsoft engineers and HTC, provided they cooperate. However, Microsoft is extremely reluctant to contact with independent developers, though does not preclude the introduction of improvements in their products.