Addonics Pocket eSATA / USB DigiDrive: faster than a USB card reader

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quite a few users find the data rate with a card reader that connects via an ordinary USB-connector, unsatisfactory. It is for such people the company offers a line of products Addonics Pocket eSATA / USB DigiDrive. These card readers though somewhat larger than many of its counterparts, but provide an opportunity to connect not only via USB, but also through the port eSATA. There are four slots for different types of memory cards: Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD) and SDHC (SD 2.0), Multi Media Card (MMC) and Memory Stick (MS). However, when connecting via eSATA provides the possibility of using a memory card as the boot disk, and reading speed can reach 150 MB / sec.

Devices will be produced in two forms: embedded computer (a slot of the standard 3.5-inch HDD) and a portable version. Both support 15 different standards for memory cards. Possibility to connect cards in two modes: read and write or read-only. When you connect a portable version of a standard USB Velocity readings are not so high and does not exceed, according to the manufacturer, 480 Mbps. Devices Addonics Pocket eSATA / USB DigiDrive provide an opportunity for upgrade compatibility with new systems, as well as backward compatibility with the protocol of USB 1.1. The cost of both models will be $ 64.