Apple Tablet PC will become a "killer Amazon Kindle"

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The network has regular rumors of a Tablet PC Apple, fragmentary information which is not the first month are cause for intense discussions in blogs and forums. A well-known journalist and founder of the resource Digg's Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose), at one time is enough to accurately predict the characteristics of some "apple" products in the latest issue of This Week in Tech said that he knows the source, which describes the future planshetnik Apple as the killer e-book Amazon Kindle.

Although no additional characteristics of the device's Kevin Rose has failed, according to rumors, planshetnik Apple has enough functionality to undermine the development of the market of electronic books. According to the journalist, it is likely that after the announcement of the Tablet PC Apple many owners Amazon Kindle will sell them through an Internet auction site eBay as became unnecessary thing.

At the same time another party to show This Week in Tech tehnoblogger Robert Scoble (Robert Scoble) said, citing its own sources that the coin will be one of the first devices to really use the additional support for working with text, realized in the interface of Quartz Composer . Recall under Quartz Composer understood windowing system used in Mac OS X, and is responsible for providing rasterized and are drawn graphics.

According to Robert Scoble, a tablet computer Apple is one of the most important projects CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) for the last time. In addition, this project is long and in this respect is very similar to a project to create the communicator iPhone. According to recent rumors, Apple may get planshetnik name iSlate, and its release will take place in late January.


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really awesome gadget. Great innovation. I like it.