BlackBerry Tour2 9650 Hands On

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Resource Boy Genius Report shared his impressions of the smartphone BlackBerry 9650 (Tour 2) and posted it on "live" photos. This device is now being prepared and has not yet been formally submitted. It is easy to guess that it is the successor of the first BlackBerry Tour and performed in the same candybar with a horizontal display and a QWERTY keyboard. According to unofficial data, BlackBerry 9650 works in cellular networks, CDMA and GSM / UMTS, equipped with a camera with a resolution of 3.2 megapixel or higher and a wireless adapter Wi-Fi.

According to Boy Genius Report, BlackBerry 9650 size is almost the same as the Tour, although the device and not completely identical. Journalists also left a favorable impression of the work of the optical trackpad and keyboard. In addition, BlackBerry 9650 more productive and working fast enough. This is not surprising: it uses the same processor as the BlackBerry Storm 2. Wi-Fi, as the source pointed out, works quite normally, as with other BlackBerry. It is expected that the BlackBerry 9650 smartphone will be released in January or February next year, the American operator Verizon or Sprint.