Canon EOS 350D is able to survive the fall from a height of 1 km

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Many consumers are used to express the claim on the quality of modern electronics and photography. They say all these complex devices break down at the slightest jolt or shock. In some cases, this dissatisfaction has is well founded. However, the opposite happens, and history, proving the amazing vitality of the individual gadgets.

For example, the forum Fred Miranda is not so long ago appeared truly incredible story, in which hard to believe, if not attached pictures. Some photographer decided to capture the neighborhood with a bird's-eye view and secured to the helmet mirror camera Canon Rebel XT (she's Canon EOS 350D). However, during the protracted parachute jump at an altitude of 3000 feet (slightly less than 1 km), the camera suddenly flew off with the helmet and went to the incomprehensible distances.

But the most striking thing is that when the Canon Rebel XT found after the fall, she was virtually unscathed. After the inspection revealed a crack in the plastic case, and even when zooming with the lens whale now, there is little vibration. In addition, as seen in the pictures, the camera has been smeared into the ground and grass, but after treatment is again fully functional. Moreover, the assurances of another photographer, parachutist, he continues to use it. What can we say? Unbelievable but true!


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