Chips Atom N45x and N47x for netbooks will support DDR3 memory

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Now, Intel is preparing to announce its new platform Pine Trail-M, designed for next-generation netbooks. For this platform is being developed and new "atomic" chips, one of whom, Atom N450 with a frequency of 1.66 GHz, will appear in January. One of the features of this processor is the availability of the integrated memory controller with support for memory DDR2.

This arrangement will reduce the size of the platform and improve its overall efficiency. However, Intel does not plan to stop work on improving the platform Pine Trail-M and intends to introduce two new chip Atom N45x and N47x, whose built-in memory controller will be able to support a more modern and high-speed memory DDR3.

Processors Atom N45x and N47x should be submitted in mid-2010, although the exact date of their release is still unknown. These chips will support two DDR3 SODIMM modules with an operating frequency of 667 MHz, which is slightly lower than the platform Pine Trail-D, designed for desktop systems.