Christmas gift to Xbox 360 fans - Game consoles into laptop-shaped cases

Friday, December 25, 2009

What tricks do not go only to the fans for Xbox 360 to select from the mass of their own kind! Some resort to modding their consoles by enclosing them in body, resembling the laptops. But the visitor forum Ben Heck, hiding under the nickname CollinE, did exactly the opposite, creating a laptop-style Xbox 360.

As you can see from the photographs, Modding conducted quite professionally. Laptop executed in red and black color scheme, and its top cover is decorated with a giant letter X and the inscription Xbox 360. This laptop mimics the console in all - ranging from the control panel with a green indicator lighting up the characteristic "hum in the wind tunnel, generated by five fans.

In addition, this notebook can connect to this Xbox 360 console that allows you to run on his display console video games. However, details about all that can be learned from a video posted on YouTube. It remains to add that the laptop in the style of Xbox 360 put up for auction, all the income from which will go to fund the celebration of Christmas enterprising modders.


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