Christmas presents from Google - a beta version of Chrome browser for Mac OS X and Linux

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The New Year we all become little children. We have a feeling of celebration, expectation of miracles and gifts of the coming of the long-standing desires. Google has also decided to please computer users, "putting a Christmas tree" dreamboat many of them - the long-awaited beta version of its browser Chrome for software platforms, Mac OS X and Linux.

Recall version browser Chrome for the Windows operating system came in autumn last year and since then has continually refined and improved. On the contrary, "makovody and linuksoidy" feel disadvantaged because they could not try to develop a forward-looking Google and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. World Internet giant has long promised to correct this misunderstanding and, as we see now, kept his word.

While Chrome browser for Mac OS X and Linux is available only in a preliminary beta versions. Thus, users of these operating systems can participate in refining and improving the brainchild of Google, informing the developers of the identified errors. Note that the version of Google Chrome for Linux is available as packages for various distributions, and the Chrome browser for Mac OS X will support work in 64-bit software environment, as well as auto sync bookmarks, view PDF documents, and full-screen mode.

In addition, versions of Chrome for Windows and Linux came official support for the so-called extensions, similar addon used in the browser Mozilla Firefox. They can improve the functionality of your browser and increase its competitiveness. Now for Chrome uzhu available over 300 different extensions. Moreover, as stressed by the developers, their use does not affect the performance of the browser and its stability, since all these extensions run as isolated processes.