The details of the new smartphones platform (bada)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Samsung Electronics Company has introduced a new platform for smartphones Samsung bada, which in Korean means "ocean". In addition to the platform, Samsung demonstrated the tools for developers SDK (Software Development Kit) and highlighted the advantages of a platform that opens up new possibilities for users, developers and network operators.

According to the company, Samsung bada become the main driving force for translating the concept of Samsung - «smartphone for everyone." As part of its platform bada provides ample opportunity for users and for developers that includes a support program for developers and online store application, convenient for both developers and users.

Bada uses an interface based on the well-known and popular interface TouchWiz, which provides a simple and effective way to control the functions smartphones. To improve the personalization and interactivity in the new interface features are used provides flash control, web control, motion sensing, fine-tuned vibration control and face detection. It also supports sensor applications with reference to the content. Due to this, developers can create various applications that use the accelerometer, the sensor height, movement, activity, etc. to create next-generation applications.

Samsung bada supports a number of service-oriented functions, such as work in social networks, synchronization of devices, content management, services on the basis of geo-referencing, etc. They are supported by back-end bada servers. These features allow developers to create and implement a completely new services without great efforts and excessive costs.

In addition, Samsung bada allows developers to access all the benefits of mobile devices to create different services. Applications can use the functionality of the device for calls, send SMS messages, access to the database of contacts, etc. Also, the application can transmit a user profile, the range of his contacts, schedules and any other information from the user's permission. The flexibility of the new platform makes it possible to use it on a large number of devices.

During the presentation of the new platform has also been announced contest developers Samsung bada Developer Challenge with a prize fund of 2.7 million dollars. In addition, Samsung introduced the schedule Developer Days, which will be held worldwide in 2010, and will allow developers to get acquainted with the new platform. For more information about the platform Samsung bada can be found at