EVGA P55 V - Mass motherboard chips under Lynnfield

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When we pronounce the name of EVGA, we usually envision high-end products designed for gamers and PC enthusiasts. But this time, the American company has decided to please the mass market, releasing quite affordable motherboard for CPU Core i5 and the Core i7 (Lynnfield) in the performance of LGA 1156.

Novelty called P55 V (120-LF-E650) and represents the entry-level model in a long line of motherboards EVGA, based on chipset Intel P55. The cost is its only 120 dollars, but for such a low price the user pays functionality. This motherboard lacks some features available on similar decisions from EVGA or its competitors.

However, all the most necessary on the motherboard, of course, there. EVGA P55 V is equipped with four DIMM slots for memory modules with up to 16 GB of DDR3 1333. Present for the two expansion slots PCI-Express x8 and PCI-Express x1, as well as six SATA II ports and fourteen USB ports (eight located on the motherboard and six external).

In addition, there is a connector for Gigabit Ethernet and an integrated 7.1-channel audiochip. It remains to add that the motherboard EVGA P55 V is made in the form-factor micro-ATX, and its dimensions are 243,8 x 243,8 mm. It seems rather interesting choice for those who have decided to radically upgrade its system, but do not want to spend money on unnecessary overclocking options.


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