First embedded drive Samsung Blu-ray Combo Drive at a speed of reading BD-R and BD-ROM 8X

Friday, December 25, 2009

Samsung Electronics Co., will present its first drive Blu-ray COMBO SH-B083. The new Samsung drive to use in a PC capable of working with single-layer discs up to 25 GB and dual-layer up to 50 GB. Read Speed BD-R discs and BD-ROM is up to 8X, CD read up to 48X, and DVD to 16X.

By using a new algorithm of reading dual layer discs, the drive SH-B083 shows the average access speed of 350 ms. According to the manufacturer, it is significantly higher than in any other device, presented in the market. This Blu-ray drive also reads and writes CD and DVD discs.

Drive SH-B083 is equipped with two lenses for a more stable reading and writing: one lens is responsible for reading Blu-ray, and the second - for reading and writing CD and DVD. Compensation technology of spherical aberration (SACT) improves the quality of reading Blu-ray discs, the protective layer which is not the same thickness on the area of the disk. For better reading of Blu-ray disc drive in the new angle is governed by four points, not three, as in the DVD-drive. Also to improve the quality of the cooling system used lenses.

With software package Cyberlink TrueTheater users can make an upscaling DVD-resolution content to full HD. Like other drives Samsung, SH-B083 oversees the release of firmware updates through the system Firmware Live Update. Drive SH-B083 will appear in retail sales in January 2010.