GeForce GT 220 turns into a GeForce GT 315

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It seems that NVIDIA have invented a new and very "productive" way to update their line of graphics cards. Recently, we described the appearance of the first representative of the GeForce 300, turned out to be just a renamed version of the GeForce 210, designed for OEM manufacturers.

And now the Turkish resource DonanimHaber found on the official HP website a reference to another "new" - graphics card GeForce 315. As it was established, this accelerator is an OEM version of the recently released maps of the entry-level GeForce GT 220.

The GeForce 315 actually differs from his "father" only twice as large memory - 1 GB DDR3 instead of 512 MB of DDR3 of stock option GeForce GT 220 (although some of the AIB partners are also equipped with the latest model of gigabyte of memory). All other characteristics of the two cards, including 128-bit memory bus, 48 stream processors and 8 raster blocks, identical.

Repeated and such specifications as the 40 nm chip GT216 (GT216-200-A2), the presence of the port HDMI, the maximum power consumption of 52 watts, Technology support DirectX 10.1, the physical dimensions and even clock speeds adapter - 625, 1360 and 1800 MHz for the GPU , shader, and memory, respectively. Thus, GeForce 315 is unlikely to ever become available, but when buying a ready-made computer a chance to meet the twin GeForce GT 220 available.