German programmer hacked the primary encryption code calls in GSM networks

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

At the annual hacker conference Chaos Communication Congress German software developer Carsten Noll (Karsten Nohl) said that he and a group of researchers managed to crack the code and publish the initial negotiated encryption for network GSM. This protocol, we note, is used in most telephone conversations, do not use 3G connection.

According to the team of researchers who carried out this action, to break the standard encryption A5 / 1, hampered by the easy tracking and interception of telephone conversations, use only legal methods. They have opened access to the lists of binary codes, which theoretically could be used to decrypt the contents of telephone conversations. Moreover, such a transcript is made within a few hours or even minutes, whereas previously it went week.

Carsten Noll described the event as an action designed to emphasize the vulnerability of existing communication systems in networks GSM. Development of this protocol, we recall, was completed in 1998. Moreover, in this protocol is still mainly used a relatively simple 64-bit encryption A5 / 1, which is relatively easy to crack. This improved, but rarely used standard A5 / 3, as well as 3G networks use a much more robust 128-bit encryption.