The graphics in the new Intel chips - faster than GMA X4500/HD, but slower than GeForce 9300

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resource OCWorkbench published an interesting note, which contained a comparison of graphics performance of Intel chipsets series G4x, equipped with integrated graphics GMA X4500/HD, as well as a video card NVIDIA GeForce 9300 with rates of new 32 nm processors Clarkdale. These chips have, as you know, built-in video core 45 nm, and their release should take place early next year.

For comparison, the chip was taken as the Core 2 Duo E6550 with a frequency of 2.53 GHz in combination with chipsets G41, G45 and board with integrated GeForce 9300 video card, and processor Pentium G6950 (Clarkdale) with a similar frequency in the pair with the mainboard on H55. In the 3DMark06 test, built-in chip GMA X4500 scored 1085 points, GMA X4500HD - 1169 points, while the GeForce 9300 totaled 1,869 points.

It IGP graphics performance in the chip Pentium G6950 totaled 1,560 points, which, of course, higher than the performance of the existing integrated graphics Intel, but still below the level of product NVIDIA. Should be taken into account, however, that the graphics core in the Pentium G6950 operates at a frequency of 533 MHz and in the future Intel plans to introduce a much faster version of the IGP with a frequency of 700 MHz or more. However, even if the chip outperforms the Pentium G6950 in the graphics performance of GeForce 9300, it will not be for him a great achievement, since the NVIDIA graphics card is fairly old model.