How to choose PDA?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Communicators - one of the best-selling categories of mobile devices in the world. Their popularity is easily explained by the universality and the existence of a set of functions, besides expanding with the help of additional software. It follows from the definition in Wikipedia, the communicator - a handheld computer (PDA) equipped with a wireless connection (usually a standard GSM, although there are CDMA-device).

Communicator can also contain:

  • support networks of third generation (3G);
  • integrated receiver GPS;
  • Module Bluetooth (today it is practically standard);
  • of hardware QWERTY-keyboard;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • FM-receiver;
  • digital camera, G-sensor, etc.
The most popular brands for today in this area are: HTC, Acer, Asus, RoverPC, Gigabyte GSmart, Toshiba, Sony Ericsson, Samsung.

On the unique aspects of the communicator from similar devices, says a lot (and not all sources agree in opinion). We adhere to this definition: communicator - a mobile device with a touch screen, wireless communication module and the ability to install additional software. Typically communicators running a mobile operating systems: Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian.

As already noted, by the use of the operating system to expand the scope and functionality of devices that may be due to the installation of additional software. Most programs (both paid and free) written under Windows Mobile.

The purpose of this article - to help with the choice of the communicator and the required software for it. Remember: choose the communicator should be depending on the tasks that are planned to address potential user with its help. It is not quite logical to pay extra for the additional functions of the device that you do not take advantage of almost never. Since the choice of communicators today is very large, as an illustration, we will use the device RoverPC. Cost communicator RoverPC at 20-30% below their foreign counterparts. This is due to the fact that they are going in Russia, which means that the company has no cost to the foreign office. In addition, there is no distributor pricing chain (products RoverPC comes directly from the manufacturer to retail stores). However, we do not insist on using a particular brand of devices. If you like something else, you can easily select a suitable device, guided by our advice and are listed in the article specifications.