In the Christmas season iPod touch ahead of iPhone in the number of downloads from the App Store

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

According to analyst firm Flurry, in the current Christmas season media player iPod touch is far ahead of the communicator iPhone on the number of downloads from the online store App Store. It recorded a significant increase in downloads of applications from the App Store is on the iPod touch. It should be noted that the acquisition of iPod touch very often a user first step to buying "apple" of the communicator. So Apple can expect significant additions to the family of iPhone owners at the end of this festive season. In addition, analysts from these Flurry of information we can conclude that the iPod touch has become a very popular Christmas gift.

According to Flurry, the growth in the number of downloads from the App Store on iPod touch media player is particularly manifested itself in the celebration of Christmas, celebrated in the Western countries on December 25. According to statistics, the number of applications downloaded to the iPod touch, ahead of similar figures for the iPhone by 172 percent and was significantly higher than the average recorded during November-December.

In addition, fixed, and a significant increase in downloads from the online store Android Market, sells applications for the mobile operating system Android. In the period from November to December, sales of programs from Android Market, rose by 22 percent. Analysts attribute this growth to the beginning of sales of the communicator Motorola Droid, who became a short time a very popular device


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