Insdream SX601 - eBook with LCD display

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Chinese company Sanxo Technology introduced the e-book Insdream SX601. It is unusual in that uses the display is not based on technology E-Ink, a monochrome reflective LCD. Its diagonal is 6 inches, it can display up to 16 shades of gray. According to the manufacturer, so the display quickly update the image, but in terms of energy efficiency it is similar to E-Ink: you can read in two weeks on one battery charge. Under the display are placed QWERTY keyboard.

Electronic Book Insdream SX601 supports text formats TXT, HTML, PDF, EPUB, PDB, FB2, CHM, RTF, TCR, OEB and OpenReader. Also it has a MP3 player, and you can listen to music through headphones or speaker. In addition, the device can "read" text in English and Chinese languages, has an image viewer JPG, BMP and PNG, calendar and calculator. Wireless capabilities in Insdream SX601 no content can be transferred via USB connection or SD memory cards up to 4 GB. E-book also allows you to keep a diary, recording where you can password-protect. On the date of issue and the cost of new items until nothing is known.