Intel does not plan to release 32-nm quad next year

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Very little time remains before the official announcement by Intel of its first 32 nm processors Clarkdale and Arrandale, intended respectively for desktops and notebooks. These chips, in addition to the integrated GPU, have two processing cores and includes a new generation of Westmere.

In addition, a family of 32-nm chips Westmere should be replenished in March, when the planned release 6-core processor, Intel Core i7 980X (Gulftown), realizes 12 computing threads and promises to be the most powerful CPU in consumer class ever issued by Intel. But there are also 4-core chips, and here all of us lurks a surprise.

The fact is that, according to the latest roadmap Intel, the corporation has no plans to introduce 32 nm process technology standards in the production of its 4-core chips in 2010. In any case, available now in the document does not contain any indication that in the future, Intel could release a quad manufactured using 32 nm technology. Perhaps the global chip maker rightly argues that to let well enough alone and should not spoil the statistics of sales of its existing 4-core Nehalem processors and Lynnfield, which are based on a proven 45-nm technology.