iPhone Clone Meizu M8 app store to become reality this month

Friday, December 11, 2009

CEO Meizu Hailiang Hua (Hailiang Hua) reported that the team is already working on an online store for your phone M8. More precisely, Meizu M8 can be regarded as a communicator and, since it is based on Windows CE 6.0. But the manufacturer has created its own shell, in addition to the core operating system, in appearance interface is very similar to the iPhone. Yes, and the device design reminds communicator Apple, it has even been recognized as the most famous "clone iPhone".

And now, apparently, Meizu decided to go even further and clone e-shop application Apple App Store. Meizu MStore or MyStore (the final name is not yet known) will begin its work in December. It will use the system 70/30: 70% of income from sales of applications and developers will get 30% - Meizu. At the same time, work MStore, seems to be not only in China: already tested its international version.


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