Lenovo is preparing an electronic book

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It is known that the company Lenovo is preparing to release a new product - the electronic book. Recently, this market is rapidly growing and more companies are releasing in this segment of their decisions. Apparently, Lenovo has decided not to lag behind competitors. However, the company that information is not yet confirmed.

In particular, the Chinese market, the new e-books appear as mushrooms after rain. Similar products in China, sell the company Hanwang, Datang, Founder, EDO, iRiver and others. It is likely that soon join them and Acer. With regard to electronic books Lenovo, then no details about it yet. It is not clear how it will display what will be the amount of memory for storage of content, what types of files the device will support and so on. Also not reported, when the e-book from Lenovo will go on sale, and whether the model is available in the international market. It is hoped that additional information will soon appear.