Manli presented a dual-chip graphics card HD5970

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Manli Technology Company introduced a graphics card HD5970. Manli HD5970 created on 40-nanometer process technology and is equipped with GDDR5 memory for gamers and enthusiasts. Video consists of two GPUs HD5870 and is equipped with 3200 pokovymi processors and 2048 MB of memory GDDR5. It shows good results when working with 3D-graphics, fully supports Microsoft DirectX 11 with Shader 5.0 and OpenGL 3.2, and, of course, fully compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system 7. DirectX 11 uses stream processors and directly accesses the CPU and graphics core - multi-threaded applications faster and more efficiently. In addition, Manli HD5970 supports dynamic rendering ATI HDR, creates 3D effects

Using 40-nanometer processors and GDDR5 memory has not only increase productivity Manli HD5870, HD5850 and HD5770, but also to reduce power consumption. According to the manufacturer, Manli HD5970 is perfect for a home theater. Technology ATI stream and AVIVIO HD will see a clear Full HD image, video with high detail, excellent color reproduction and provide full support for the format of Blu-ray. In addition, Manli HD5970 supports ATI Eyefinity - a novelty, you can connect three monitors at once. Manli HD5970 will be available soon.

Manli HD5970 Features:

* The stream processors - 3200
* Core / Memory - 725 / 4000 MHz
* Type of memory - 2048 MB DDR5
* Memory Bus - 2 * 256 bits
* Cooling - Heatsink with fan
* Interface - 1 mini DisplayPort, 2 DVI