The most common Windows 7 problems appears during installation

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Company iYogi, dedicated technical support organization, published the results of a curious poll, which was attended by over 100 000 of its customers. According to the information given, the most problems for users of the operating system, Windows 7 appears on the stage of its installation.

For example, 31 percent of users who participated in the survey iYogi and experienced difficulties with Windows 7, admitted that the difficulties began already at the stage of updating or installing software platform. In the same number of users logged in, faced with the problem of transfer dannyh.Konechno, all these difficulties are not classified as unsolved, but they did not create the best first impression of the operating system. It should be noted, however, that the vast majority of users (about 95 per cent) get Windows 7 in the load "to the new computer, which means that their above described problems associated with the transition to this software platform spared.

However, Microsoft's is to try to move to Windows 7 is not created headaches for users. And the Redmond company has every opportunity to organize a normal consultation for their customers - by phone, via email, and more recently - and through the social network Twitter. After all, even those who are faced with the very big problems with the installation of Windows 7, recognize that the new operating system is better than Windows Vista.

In addition, users of Windows 7 were frustrated by the lack of operating system familiar applications, for example, Windows Mail, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery. The unit numbered 26 percent. At the same time Microsoft in the autumn of last year warned that these programs will be removed from the system itself, and in return you can download the package Windows Live Essentials, containing the Windows Live versions of these applications.

Third most popular issue with Windows 7 (14 percent) have difficulty with the interface Aero. Solutions are usually two - to update your graphics card driver or, if this fails, replace the graphics accelerator in the system to something more powerful and modern.


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