Netbooks Mio Litepad N890 and N1210 were award iF Design Awards 2010

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Company Mio, known for the production of GPS navigators, has announced that for the third consecutive year, its products win prestigious awards iF Product Design Award. At this time, praised the jury received Mio Litepad N890 and Litepad N1210.

As the company, both devices successfully combine aesthetics, broad functionality and ease of use. Mio Litepad N890 weighs less than 900 grams and boasts a compact size. Built-in sensor position in space allows you to instantly change the screen orientation, making the display easier to read e-books and Web browsing. Using the GPS receiver can determine the current location on a map, search for interesting places nearby. 3.5G module allows you to communicate with other users, wherever they are.

Mio Litepad N1210 has full multimedia functionality with the ATI graphics chipset, and 12.1-inch screen. The device is ideal for viewing HD video, it is equipped with HDM port for connection to HD monitors and televisions, as well as 3.5G-module and a set of wireless interfaces. All this is in a thin (24.9 mm) and lightweight (1.3 kg) package, which makes netbook convenient for viewing videos and photos, games and web serfiga almost anywhere.

This year the iF Design Awards competition netbooks Mio Litepad N890 and Litepad N1210 were selected among the 2 468 products from 1,016 exhibitors from 39 countries. Exhibition iF Product Design Award 2010 in Hanover, will begin with the March 2, 2010. Timing yield of products and their value may be different for different countries.