Nettop Wexler VisION-2 on the basis NVIDIA ION bundled with Left 4 Dead 2

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Russia producer of PC and server company Avirsa Electronics to offer customers a new universal nettop WEXLER VisION-2 in gift fresh version of the acclaimed multiplayer shooter - a game Left 4 Dead 2. Members compact PC WEXLER VisION-2 will be able to enjoy the new opportunities the second version of the game - Left 4 Dead 2 with a bundle of graphics NVIDIA ION platform and processor Intel Atom Dual Core. This makes WEXLER.VisION-2 system, which has DirectX 10 graphics with enhanced connection to the digital display. NVIDIA CUDA technology to accelerate demanding computing applications, providing PC great opportunities to work with visual content. The system supports Full HD 1080p video with 7.1-channel audio, advanced games and premium versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

WEXLER.VisION-2 - an advanced version of a mini computer for entertainment WEXLER.VisION. Improvement were virtually all the key parameters, with the price of new computers increased slightly - (an average of 1 thousand rbl.):

* More powerful dual-core Intel Atom processor 330 gives an increase in productivity.
* By the DVI port is added HDMI, which gives great opportunities to connect display devices: TVs, video projectors and monitors.
* Multi-format card reader supports popular types of memory cards.
* The module Wi-Fi, the computer can be easily integrated into a wireless home network and become a true home entertainment center.

Optionally, you can buy compact drive DVD, made in a similar style with the computer itself. Moreover, specially provided for mounting the drive to the hull with magnets, as well as placement in a single stand.


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