New multitouch tactile keyboard from Apple

Friday, December 25, 2009

Apple has patented a new technology that may well find a place in the future, "apple" Tablet PC. The new patent application, Apple describes the dynamic surface that provides tactile response on pressing. Thus, the user when printing on the virtual keyboard will be able to identify the individual keys.

With the help of the so-called framework articulates such a surface is able to create a physically tangible convexity or points, allowing the user to feel when it is in the mode of the keyboard. Moreover, all these "convexity" disappear when the device is not used for printing.

Moreover, the articulated frame can be set so that will be clearly marked with "edge" of virtual keys, and also the keys when pressed. Thus, the sensations in the recruitment test on a touch keyboard will remind those who feel, by clicking on conventional mechanical key.

Interestingly, the information about the keyboard with the tactile response was uncovered after the recent publication of the newspaper The New York Times. We recall it with a reference to an anonymous source said that users will be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of interaction with the new interface Tablet PC Apple.


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