The new service from Google - URL-shortening service called

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google Inc. announced the launch of a new service, able to convert long names, URL addresses into shorter links. Novelty called and, in contrast to the existing service redirection, such as TinyURL and, is not universal and does not exist as a separate site.

No chance Google has launched its new service coincided with the release of updated versions of Google Toolbar and FeedBurner. It is actually an option that implements the reduction URL address in your browser's toolbar, and in the firm RSS service. Now, Google Toolbar and FeedBurner will be able to work with the shortened URL addresses, which will allow these services to realize full links to Web resources with fewer characters.

The new service redirect can be useful when working with resources that do not support long URL address, for example, a social networking site Twitter, where there is a severe limitation on the size of the text message. The new version of Google Toolbar, this function is implemented as a separate button, while the FeedBurner service users are able to automatically publish their positions in Twitter, without thinking how many characters has a particular URL.