Nexus is preparing a quiet and efficient power supply NX-6000 R3 for the January release

Friday, December 25, 2009

Company Nexus is going next month to replenish its series of power supplies Real Silent another model. Novelty called NX-6000 R3 and a senior version of the popular PSU NX-5000. The new power unit demonstrates the power of 630 watts, ATX v2.2 complies with the specifications and has a 82 percent efficiency, which enabled him to obtain the certificate of 80Plus Bronze.

Power Supply NX-6000 R3 has a special winding cables, which prevents them abrasion, and is equipped with a single bus 12V, enabling the current of 50 amperes. In addition, there is a function of active power factor compensation (Power Factor Correction, PFC). During cooling device meets the 120 mm fan with ball bearing suspension and the level of the outgoing acoustic noise about 15 decibels. As already mentioned, the release of NX-6000 R3 will be held in January, and the cost of the BP should be less than 90 euros.