Nokia confirms S40 devices in 2010 to get QWERTY, dual SIM and touch screen support

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We have already mentioned in the news that the company Nokia plans next year to start manufacturing mobile devices with support for two SIM cards. Told the vice-president of Nokia Eurasia Sais Viktor (Viktor Saeijs). And now these data were confirmed: the resource IntoMobile found in recording the speech of Vice-President of Nokia Oystamo Kai (Kai Oistamo) at the event Capital Markets Day on December 2 this year, an interesting statement.

According Oystamo, next year will be marked by Nokia for the expansion of the model number of mobile phones based on Series 40 platform. Moreover, not only will be released new models: the device will have opportunities that were previously the prerogative of the devices running S60 and Maemo. Among them - touch screen, QWERTY keyboard and support for two SIM cards, which referred Sais. This seems quite reasonable: Now most of the major manufacturers of mobile devices has in its portfolio are not smart phones, namely phones with touch screen and QWERTY, moreover, there are also cost-effective mass model. Regarding the two SIM cards, there is "ruled the ball" Samsung, although the market there are few models of other companies. It is hoped that next year to join them, and Nokia.