NorhTech Gecko netbook loaded up with AAs and booted - Video

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In the sale went netbook NorhTech Gecko Edubook with 8.9-inch display. We have already mentioned in the news about this unusual decision. Netbook is interesting because it can run on conventional batteries or batteries AA, and costs only $ 199 in the base configuration. True, and integration model is very simple. Netbook NorhTech Gecko Edubook Xcore86 based on the processor with 1 GHz and is equipped with 512 MB of RAM (maximum - 1 GB) and the SD card to 8 GB. Although the role of the drive can play and 2.5-inch hard disk. The device runs the Windows operating system or Linux.

Interestingly, NorhTech Gecko Edubook be staffed at its discretion. You can replace it with the processor and RAM, install a regular lithium-polymer battery instead of "finger" batteries or a device to complement the various wireless adapters, for example, Wi-Fi or 3G. According to journalists resource Liliputing, the size of the keyboard and touchpad of the netbook small for an adult user, and soon will approach the child. Resource also posted a couple of videos demonstrating NorhTec Gecko Edubook.