Nvidia Tegra 2 at CES: smartbuki, tablets and smartphones in 2010

Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the new platform, Nvidia Tegra 2 is currently available only to a number of more or less credible rumors, but perhaps this situation will change after the exhibition CES 2010, where the company Nvidia is planning to not only show the Tegra chips 2, and turnkey solutions to OEM-partners. And in the first half of 2010 can already be expected smartbuki, tablets and smartphones based on them. This information came from one of the vice-presidents of the company, Michael Hara (Michael Hara). Bulk same output devices, he said, will be in the second half of next year.

Release of devices based on Tegra 2 also will be accompanied by intensive introduction of the company's products to market smartphones. Attempts of the introduction of Nvidia beginning with the first generation platform Tegra, announced in mid-2008. However, the platform did not cause the expected interest, and, in fact, the only large-scale device based on it became a media player Microsoft Zune HD. Accurate information on the platform of the second generation are unknown, but it is expected that the characteristics of the original Tegra will be exceeded by half. Nvidia Tegra 2 will be built on 40-nm processors, but its main purpose will be to achieve full-fledged PC capabilities for Web browsing and video playback on a portable device.