Pentium E6600 processor with a frequency of 3.06 GHz, will be Jan. 17

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The fastest dual-core processor family Pentium, which you can buy now is a model Pentium E6500. This chip belongs to a generation Wolfdale and built on the 45 nm process technology, and its clock speed of 2.93 GHz. Addition, this CPU supports FSB 1066 MHz, has a 2 MB cache, TDP of 65 watts and costs $ 84.

However, Intel is already preparing this record-worthy successor. The new 45-nanometer chip called Pentium E6600, and its clock frequency is equal to 3,06 GHz. Thus, it is the first family of CPU Pentium, belongs to a generation of Wolfdale, who managed to overcome trehgigagertsevy barrier.

Other characteristics of the same Pentium E6600, including the FSB at 1066 MHz, 2 MB cache and a TDP of 65 watts, are the same as its predecessor. Release of the chip is expected on January 17, and the price it will be the same $ 84, while the cost of Pentium E6500 should fall to $ 74.

Thus, despite the upcoming release of a completely new 32 nm processors with integrated graphics, Intel does not forget about the decisions by a socket LGA 775. This platform must retain its relevance for the whole year, at least in the lower price segment.