Sony renounces the Cell processor in PlayStation 4 in favor of its multi-core counterpart

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

According to information published by PC Watch, a Japanese corporation Sony is considering the replacement of the new gaming console PlayStation 4 Cell processor on a massive multicore analogue. As we have chips with Cell architecture successfully in the PlayStation 3 console, ensuring it is very good performance in a challenging modern games.

This decision, according to available data, angering developers of video games, face considerable difficulties in writing and optimizing software applications for existing console PlayStation 3. In addition, previously from Japan came to rumors that Sony has considered the option of using a PlayStation 4 combinations Cell chips and Intel Larrabee, but later abandoned this scheme because of fears that such a symbiosis will not have enough power.

Among other things, put forward the idea of using a new gaming console PlayStation 4 a modified version of the synergistic processing unit (Synergistic Processor Unit, SPU), but this thought and later abandoned. Projected to PC Watch, Sony PS4 console may appear in late 2012 or early 2013.