Suvil IT Click Click 2.0 - narrow and long with non-standard mouse buttons

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Spanish company Suvil Technologies introduced the unusual optical mouse IT Click Click 2.0. First, it has a non-standard elongated and curved design and the method of control: it is not expected to do the index and middle fingers, as usual, and the thumb and index. Accordingly, and buttons for IT Click Click 2.0 are different: the button for the thumb on his left side, and the wheel for the index finger - on the right. Several unusual and, at first glance, quite uncomfortable. Although, if you get used to, quite possibly, a way to control the mouse would be more optimal.

Size of IT Click Click 2.0 are 112h35 mm, it is large enough. Mouse is already on sale and available in several bright colors, its cost is 9,95 euros.


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