Thunderbird 3.0 - final release

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Final release e-mail client Thunderbird 3. As the developers, the new Thunderbird 3 is a fast, flexible and secure. In the new version of the program there are such possibilities as tabs, improved search and archiving mail. With Thunderbird 3 user can download messages in separate tabs and switch quickly from one letter to another. Also in a new tab opens the search results. When you exit Thunderbird, the visible tabs will be saved and will be restored when you open Thunderbird the next time. New tools, such as the scale of time and filters that help refine your search e-mail, whether it was yesterday, last month or a few years ago.

Archiving messages will be useful when the user thinks that this letter will need in the future, but wants to remove it from the Inbox without deleting it. Archiving helps manage folder for incoming messages and place the mail into a new system of archival folders.

Flexible configuration allows you to work with the mail, for example, to make work more productive, or choose a more cheerful appearance. To set up you can use hundreds of add-ons, such as the Lightning calendar to manage schedules and Personas to change the appearance of Thunderbird. Search and installation of new additions can be directly from the manager add-ons.

You can also note the ease of initial setup. Previously, it was necessary to know the setup IMAP, SMTP, SSL / TLS, but now all you have to give it a name, e-mail address and password, and a new setup wizard for your email account will find these settings for you. Thunderbird 3.0 is available for platforms on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.