Toshiba is preparing a mobile trilingual translator

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Toshiba is developing a new translation technology for mobile phones. In fact, it is somewhat abridged version of the software that Toshiba already sells in Japan. It is able to translate between three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese. The new mobile application will also support three languages, speech recognition technology and will fully perform processing on the phone, without connecting to a remote server. This will save bandwidth, but also confronts the developers aim to make the program so compact that it can properly function on your mobile device.

Mobile Translator Toshiba will work as follows: said the words will be recognized, analyzed and translated, and then the speech synthesizer will give the phrase already in another language. Moreover, it is expected to use two methods: an analysis of each word and their order in a sentence, and reconciliation with the already existing database of hundreds of proposals and expressions. At the moment this software is tested. It already works quite well on your device Toshiba TG01, although still a number of problem points. Toshiba TG01 - a productive model based on 1 GHz processor and operating system, Windows Mobile, it is fully capable to cope with such an application. Version translators for other mobile platforms, the company also prepare, but so far nothing concrete about the timing of its release are not reported. Most likely, the output of the program - not far off.


Toshiba Laptop Batteries said...

With all of the concepts reaching out to unnecessary directions, I like how this concept covers every demographic and every need that is required of a mobile device. I think that we are closely approaching a new wave and revolution in the mobile technology, and the future is uncertain. I look forward to seeing actual phones that translate on the spot, just like the Pomegranite Phone concept design.