Windows 7 Touch Pack will be available for download

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a special package of Touch Pack for Windows 7 that allows implementation in the operating system, the touch functionality. This software product was originally intended only for manufacturers of computer hardware, but the future is likely to be available to all comers. In any case, the manager of Microsoft Brandon LeBlanc (Brandon LeBlanc) has already promised that the Redmond company will present Windows 7 Touch Pack for a much wider audience of consumers.

According to LeBlanc, Microsoft plans to make Windows 7 Touch Pack is available for download soon, but the exact date not yet determined. In addition, this software package is already available on some computers with multitouch displays, using as an operating system, Windows 7. A Microsoft representative also noted that the package Touch Pack is not included in Windows 7 and is supplied as a separate product.

The Windows 7 Touch Pack consists of three games and other applications, and includes Microsoft Blackboard, Microsoft Garden Pond, Microsoft Rebound, Microsoft Surface Globe, Microsoft Surface Collage and Microsoft Surface Lagoon. These programs have a touch interface and allow users to interact with computers using touch screen with your fingers. At the same time to implement embedded in Windows 7 Touch Pack features, of course, requires a laptop or desktop computer with support for multitouch functionality, including the system of "all-in-one" with a touch screen. And determine whether this touch screen Touch Pack, will help the existence of the logo on it Windows 7.