Zotac preparing the extreme version of the GeForce GT 240 with "turbo"

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Designers of computer components and accessories are trying to go to any lengths to capture the imagination of consumers. Suffice it to recall a great many of those present in the market "flash drives" every possible color and shape, sometimes the most insane. Apparently, the same way the company decided to go and Zotac, allowing their engineers to their hearts' content "practice" over the video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 240.

Indeed, when looking at the creation of developers from Zotac, which published photos of a resource Expreview, in memory of once having associations with race cars or space rocket. Blame the cooling system adapter, which is a dual-slot cooler is an active type, and its sleek indeed reminiscent of a racing car or a spaceship from the science fiction movie.

This similarity is further enhanced by two turbines, which are located inside a small red fans. Unfortunately, almost no details about the new version of the GeForce GT 240 from Zotac is not provided. We only know that this graphics card is based on 40 nm chip GT215 with 96 stream processors and has video outputs DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. In addition, Video accelerator will be released in a series Extreme Edition, which hints at some specifications that differ from the reference. Perhaps the release of the accelerator will take place in the new year, then the same will be known and the specifications of this interesting model.