Sony Ericsson T707 with illumination effects

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The T707 is a HSDPA clamshell phone with interactive and animated light effects, allowing the phone to be personalized, and gesture control for muting calls and alarms. The T707 includes a 320x240 pixel 262K TFT QVGA display, 100MB internal memory, extendable external memory using Memory Stick M

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AT&T's Samsung Magnet hands-on with video

Samsung's Magnet is inexpensive, orange, QWERTY, and we're really liking it. Sure, we don't have a price or an official date, but we we came away from our meeting with the Magnet feeling rather happy about the whole experience. Yeah, the web browser is a bit lightweight, and the color choice garish, but we can't find fault with that as it is aimed directly at a market that digs messaging and bright colors. The Magnet is comfortable to hold, the OS very responsive, and the screen ample bright and large enough to get the job done. The Keyboard, and the phone's size are very similar to a Nokia E71 (which we compare it to in the video for scale) so if you've checked one of those out, you'll know where we're coming from. A dash of 3G would add to the joy here, but then again, it would add to the price, too. Pics and videos are just after the break.

Trophy Gameworld: how was what I tried, with whom I spoke

So how was the Trophy Gameworld yesterday? Above all, it was divertidão. The ceremony itself, although very distressing in their (dis) organization, able to enforce the night in the presence of basically figuraça Miranda.

To those not connected the name to the front person, this is the least orthodox of the jury Idols of SBT, which I never attended but I know how it is straight. And if you ever saw, is known as the Miranda. In a word: figuraça.

In certain moments seemed to technical failures previously combined and tested, just to give the show something of what playing in a ceremony that certainly would not have been so bizarre fun if everything had gone swimmingly.

But the cherry of the cake, as almost always, came before and especially after the ceremony itself: that nice period where dozens of people who speak the same language are dropped in a closed environment without having much to do besides talk. It is in these hours that the thing goes, professionally speaking.

In addition, the presence of sponsors eventually bring opportunities to try things that otherwise I would not have. Continue after you give my views on these things - in addition to the list of winners of the night.

» Lips

lips250 This was wrong and nastily to test, because the music high (read: DJ) was making a noise with which the TV can not compete, even with the volume esgaçado. But the three songs that I "sang," gave notice for some interesting points about the game.

First, the interface is very nice, beautiful and functional. The initial offering of music and is reasonably extensive, varied and easy to use. And the mechanics of the game reminds evolved a mixture of vocal part of Rock Band with a far less frantic version of WarioWare Smooth Moves [bb] (since you need to do some basic movimentinhos microphone to earn more points.

The initial impression is that this is a nice game for gamers in general inclined to music games, while possibly mandatory for fans of karaoke singers and inveterate shower.

» New Play Control: Mario Power Tennis

newplaycontrol-mariopowertennis Yes, the game will officially Latamel to Brazil, which is not be a negative news. But that does not change my opinion that it is one of the largest in recent history in villainy Nintendo. The original GameCube game is great, but I feel shamefully lazy from the Nintendo snaps remotezística gameplay in a game and throw it, instead of a new iteration of the franchise. Do not believe?

This is not to mean that New Line Play Control is bad or a bad idea. On the contrary, as Metroid Prime series [bb] and Pikmin [bb] deserve a second chance too, this time on a popular console. But these games are unique and irreplaceable. Mario Tennis is not. Would you make another, new, much better.

And the racket seems to work the same way no matter what move I make with the arm.

» 3D technology by nVidia

3dnvidia250 There is a 3D glasses (which seems a normal sunglasses, 3D glasses unlike a film, which are huge) and look for a screen. Without glasses, she looks like a badly tuned television where everything is the famous problem of "ghosts." With them, it plans to jump significantly different, but very perceptible.

I played a game that seemed to run some of Need For Speed [bb] new, and I can say that the result is what I describe as "muitu loku, vei."

Only two major problems: price and lack of a game that does not work or much worse without the 3D. For now it is pure eye-candy. But where is cheap and widespread, many of us will have one at our table of the computer.

» Stand the Hudson + Marble Saga: Kororinpa

marblesaga-kororinpa250 Although simple (only three Wiis and assembled a table of gifts), the "stand" of Hudson Soft was the coolest. First because it had three different games that I had never played - which I am a fan of them - and second because it had a representative of the Hudson there talking to the staff while playing.

The games were Deca Sports (Prandoni said that it is bad, and I believed), Help Wanted (which I had never heard) and Marble Saga: Kororinpa (I am fan). The coolest is that the table of gifts had discs with demos of three games to take us home on the range. Of course I got one of each, and that fool is tomorrow [Hands-on it] with Deca Sports and Help Wanted.

That's because I played Kororinpa. : D

Played as a chat with beat Amar Gavhane, the representative of the Hudson that was there. At first I thought the game too easy, he said that there is more easy in the beginning stages, but also much more difficult in the final stages as the new Kororinpa is (much) longer than the first.

I asked about the first game, it is rare to find - and expensive when you are - now because very few units were produced. In the end the game was, according to Amar, only an "experiment" of the Hudson with the Wii, why had so few units manufactured. Marble Saga will not have this problem, it will be manufactured in much larger scale.

And according to the time that I play, it really is a result of the first in every way. I noticed several improvements and expanded concepts. There are far more obstacles, such as cannons that throw the ball up in the direction you look, tubes that push the ball to all speeds and built bridges that fall to the place where you hit them with the ball. Only that, added to the quantity of higher stages, must now ensure an exponential increase in the variety of stages.

There are also multiplayer modes for up to four people and another way that can be controlled with the Wii Balance Board. This was not tested for or stand in or on the demo disc (which only has 5 stages short). Another novelty is the creation of system of stages, which seems to have worked well. Taking the leave, I asked if this system USA Friend Codes to share stages with friends - as the newly announced Boom Blox USA 2 no. He said yes, and has not learned that there is any game that did not use.

Anyway, this new Kororinpa I almost sure that I will stop buying. :D

» List of winners of the 5th Trophy Gameworld

Best of Mobile Operator: Hi

Best Mouse for Game: Microsoft

Best PC Game: Fallout 3 [bb] (Bethesda Softworks)

Best Downloadable Game: Mega Man 9 (PSN / XBLA / WiiWare - Capcom)

Best Video Card: Gigabyte

Best Power Supply: Cooler Master

Best Multiplayer Experience: LittleBigPlanet [bb] (PS3 - Sony CEA)

Best Producer / Developer: Capcom

Best Mobile Game for: Sony Ericsson K850i

Best Mobile Game: Duke Nukem Mobile 3D (SkyZone)

Best PS3 Game: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [bb] (Konami)

Best Wii Game: No More Heroes [bb] (Ubisoft)

Best game of Nintendo DS: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (Konami)

Best PS2 Game: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 (Namco Bandai)

Best Xbox 360 Game: Grand Theft Auto IV [bb] (Rockstar Games)

Best Distributor of MMO (national): Gamemaxx

Best Distributor of Games (national): JP Tech

Best Producer / Distributor: Gamez! SupportComm

Best Video Store for: UZ Games

Best advertisement in 2008: "No more Mi mi mi - Cabal Online is now free"

Best Buying Experience: FNAC

Best PSP Game: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (Square Enix)

Highlight of the Year: Taikodom (Hoplon)

Best Game of 2008: Fallout 3 (Bethesda Softworks)

Zte heading into the majors'. Remove Sony Ericsson or Motorola?

For several year, the five largest producers of mobile phones unchanged. In a different order in it, depending on the quarterly sales results
appear LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Slowly but bow to the moment when the hegemony of established brands
likely to disturb the biggest Chinese rival zte. Under magazine DigiTimes has primarily manufacturers lowendových phones starting at the last place dotahovat majors'.

Klepněte pro větší obrázek

On the longer time you bring the fight on
maintaining "the Motorola and Sony Ericsson. Both brands are currently melt in a crisis and not speculation speaks of complete cessation of production. In the fourth quarter 2008 on a little harder to lead the American company, Sony Ericsson, however, recently suggested a negative interim results for the beginning of the current. By contrast, zte indicates increasing sales, according to DigiTimes information reached in the previous year the volume of 45 million units. If the company to continue this trend we see is no longer at the end of this year, a new member of 'majors'. "

Klepněte pro větší obrázek
One of the better-equipped mobile phones zte F230, brandovaný to Spanish operator

Zte focuses primarily on the production of the simplest lowendových phones, which are often under the heading brandovány operator. You can find these products, for example, for Vodafone. In the last period, the Chinese company went to the production of advanced devices with touch screen and Windows Mobile.